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Posted on: August 22nd, 2017 by
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Progress on remodeling, and converting to condominiums. (Note: condo conversion did not happen, so this is rental cohousing. But all the improvements mentioned here did happen!) The three homes that will be for sale are getting all new wiring and plumbing. 3124, the one bedroom, just got a combination heater and A/C unit in the living room. I wasn’t planning on putting A/C anywhere, but this was the solution to the problem of where to put the heater in that unit. The living room is small, and anywhere you put a wall heater would take away a place for furniture. This is called a ductless heat pump. The main unit sits outside, and the inside portion is high on the wall.

I need to put posts to protect the outside component, and the concrete is turning out to be thicker than I expected, so I’m heading to Home Depot to rent something called a core drill rig. The rotary hammer drill isn’t doing it.

My plan for keeping cooler in the summer in most of the units is: good insulation and better vents in the attic, and a whole house fan in each unit. Thermal insulation in the exterior walls will have to wait for another year, but I think the attic insulation and fan will make a big difference.

I’ve ordered three new fiberglass windows for the big upstairs unit. Can’t wait for them to get here!

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