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Posted on: March 8th, 2018 by
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Here’s where the project is at: This lovely, 8-unit apartment complex is ideally configured for community living, and I’m in the process of converting four of the units into condominiums, with the idea that I’ll sell them to people who want to create a cohousing community here.

My initial plan was to attract people early in the process, so they would have input into the design of their homes and the common house, help with the work, and gel as a community in the process. But it looks more likely that people will want their homes ready before they start seriously participating.

With people joining that way (moving in, and then forming a community), I can’t be sure what sort of community we will be, since we won’t be working together before people are in place. I’m still hoping for cohousing, but holding the idea lightly. I am reaching out to people who are community-minded, and I’m confident we will at least have a friendly, neighborly feeling here, even if it doesn’t develop into typical cohousing.

With that in mind, I’m not going to develop the common house yet, or include it as part of the initial sales. We’ll see what sort of community develops, and people can decide whether a nice common house would be worth the effort and expense. Not having to have it ready by summer takes considerable pressure off of me, since right now the space is gutted and would need a lot of work.

Here’s the projected availability of homes for sale or rent:

  • Early 2019 a 1-bedroom 1-bath condominium for sale, estimated asking price $350,000
  • Also 2019 another 1/1 for rent for $1,850 a month.
  • Spring 2019 a 2-bedroom 1-bath condominium for sale, $435,000 or 450,000

Prices won’t be finalized until they’re ready.

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