Vision and Policies

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These are place-holder vision, mission and values, to hold space for our cohousing plans. We are in the process (June 2019) of creating statements that reflect our unique community more accurately.

Kingfisher Cohousing Vision, Mission and Values


Our mission is to create Cohousing in our Brookdale Ave property, as described in and defined by the book Cohousing by McCamant and Durrett.

Features of Cohousing that are already part of the physical design of this property are:

  • Architectural design that facilitates interaction, with a central courtyard

  • Parking separate from homes

  • A common house with shared facilities


Eat Together

Each adult will provide one common meal per month.

Meet Together

This is a member managed community. We use consensus-oriented decision-making, and are committed to doing the ongoing work to become skillful at listening respectfully, encouraging people to speak their thoughts, and looking for creative solutions to problems.

Share the Load

The work of creating and sustaining the cohousing we want is a collective project, and the sustenance and preservation of our cohousing community depends on all of us. Each of us holds the responsibility for the work, thinking and personal conduct needed to make this community thrive. We have joined this community at a juncture in our lives when we have time and energy to contribute, and expect that will continue to be the case.

Practice Compassion, Communication and Conflict Resolution

We are committed to working together on these things.

No Other Ideology

Our only community philosophy is community, meals, relationships. We are not based around any other ideology – political, religious or otherwise.

Here’s another version:


We make this project enough of a priority in our lives to have time for the work of creating and maintaining a community. We take responsibility for the work that needs to be done.

Helpful and Considerate

We pull our weight, and think about how our actions affect others.

Relaxed and Easy-Going

We are comfortable with a little chaos, as long as it doesn’t create tangible problems for others. We are good at finding compromises.

Committed to Constructive Communication

We work on communication, conflict resolution and cooperation, and are available for training and retreats to expand and deepen our connection.


We have fun together!

Links to community policies – these are the default policies that we will start with, so there is not a vacuum

Policies Overview


Pet Policy

Meetings & Decisions