Membership and Finance

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Steps to Joining

Please take a moment to fill out this membership questionnaire.

We host an open house, garden work day and potluck lunch on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday most months; check the calendar for upcoming events. You can also call or email any time with questions.


This is a mixed property with four rental apartments and four in the process of being converted to condominiums. The conversion will be complete by the summer of 2019, and shortly after that a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom condo will be for sale. As of April 2019, all the rentals are occupied.

The rents and purchase prices will be in line with other apartments and condominiums in the area, as this is a market-rate project.

See the Available Homes page for floorplans, prices and a few pictures.

We have no outside funding, and this is not a limited equity project; if you purchase one of the condominiums, the value of your home will go up or down with the market.

Roles and Expectations

As the developer, I (Jenny) am responsible for the physical plant and the finances until the condominium conversion is final. I welcome help in these areas if people are interested, but it is not a requirement. After the conversion is complete, all of the owners will make decisions about maintenance of their property, as is usual in condominiums and in cohousing. All community members (owners and renters) will make decisions together about meals, use of the common house, and other community plans.

All community members will be responsible for creating a cohousing community, with meals, work days and meetings. The new folks are the primary drivers for setting the tone and culture of the community, deciding how many meals to schedule, and how to run meetings and make decisions. We are currently having common meals once a month, and meetings once a month, and hoping for weekly meals when more Cohousers are living here.

There is money in the budget for hiring consultants for guidance and training in group decision-making, conflict resolution, etc. This is included in the rents and association fees.