Upcoming Vacancies

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Upcoming Vacancies

One Bedroom Apartments

A bright, sunny one-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors will be available for rent in September or October, 2021. A 2nd one-bedroom might be available in 2022; the resident is still deciding whether to move.

The rents will be between $1,800 and $1,900, depending on how much renovation gets done.

Three Bedroom Apartment

Our biggest apartment, with three bedrooms, will be for rent sometime between January and July 2022. It’s definite that it will be available, but the project is taking a long time and so the timetable keeps getting extended. Come to our open houses to stay in the loop! Check the calendar for the schedule, or call to arrange to drop by another time.





Open Houses

We have a potluck brunch and open house on the second Sunday of most months, starting at 11:00. Check the calendar to make sure.


This community is a rental apartment complex. The pre-existing tenants are welcome to stay and be our neighbors for as long as they like, either joining the cohousing activities or keeping to themselves.

When homes become available, they often go to someone who has been coming to our open houses and other events. Check the calendar, and feel free to drop in on any open house day.

Burning souls wanted! This is an opportunity for people who want to be in on the formation of the community, and have the energy and creativity to help with the task of community creation.

There are 8 properties that border with us, so they would be ideal for expanding the community if they’re available for sale or rent at some point. I’ll try to post them here when they come up.

One of our courtyard seating areas.
The fig tree has lots of fruit in the summer!
Squash, tomatoes and a tangerine tree
One of our seating areas, with lemon tree & BBQ.