Available Homes

Posted on: April 20th, 2019 by

We have an open house for interested folks on the 2nd Sunday of each month – check the calendar for this and other events.

This community is a mix of condominiums for purchase and rental apartments. The long-term tenants are welcome to stay and be our neighbors for as long as they like. If they decide to move, those homes will become available for more cohousers.

Upcoming homes for sale or rent:

Fall 2019 a 1-bedroom 1-bath condominium for sale, 515 sq ft, estimated asking price $350,000.

January 2020 a 2-bedroom 1-bath condominium for sale, 750 sq ft,  estimated asking price $435,000. Prices won’t be finalized until they’re ready.

As of September 2019,  there are no rentals turning over. Keep in mind that when they do, they typically go to someone who has been coming to our open houses and other events. Check the calendar, and feel free to drop in on any open house day.

Burning souls wanted! This is an opportunity for people who want to be in on the formation of the community, and have the energy and creativity to help with the task of community creation.

Floorplan of the 1 bedroom for sale


Alternate, semi-accessible option for the 1 bedroom, since this unit can easily be ramped with no slope to front door. Not fully ADA, but usable by many wheelchair users: 3124 semi-accessible.

Floorplan of the 2 bedroom for sale

The newly painted kitchen in the one bedroom condominium.
Kitchen table and a view of the refinished oak floor in the living room.

There are 8 properties that border with us, so they would be ideal for expanding the community if they’re available for sale or rent at some point. I’ll try to post them here when they come up. It looks like this one was recently sold: