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This is an exciting time, as the community comes together. We are currently a community  of five households, and will have one or two apartments available sometime in 2021.

The larger community consists of both cohousers and long-term tenants in this 8-unit complex. The original tenants are welcome to stay and be our neighbors for as long as they like, and the entire community has BBQ’s together in the summer.

Member Profiles

Some of us have chosen to post about ourselves here:

Jenny 2010


I have been working to create Cohousing since 2006, and dreaming of it for about 20 years before that. I’m a retired firefighter and mom to a wonderful grown son, and now my job is keeping this property up.

I’m passionate about pursuing health through complementary conventional and alternative approaches, about this community, and my family and friends. I grew up in what is now Silicon Valley — so I haven’t gone far — and am still close to my brothers and sister. I’m also very interested in political news. I spend most of my time these days renovating these two buildings (and hopefully the carports soon). My favorite leisure activities are walking around the neighborhood, especially to Farmer Joe’s for groceries, working in the garden, and chatting with friends.

Jim Calhoun with weed torch 2017


(bio coming soon)


I have been participating in this community for about 7 years, including Open Houses, Games Nights, pot lucks and even a consensus training! I enjoy the peace and quiet, the sunshine and the gardens with the summer produce of tomatoes, butternut squash, peppers and figs, and especially the laid back companionship of my neighbors in this community. I look forward to exploring the neighborhood more, and getting to know more people and more fun things to do in Oakland in general.


Nate grew up in Berkeley and went to Berkeley Public Schools, then UC Santa Cruz where he got his B.S. in applied physics.  He found his way into the solar industry and now works for himself as a solar contractor installing solar panels on homes.

If he’s not out on a job you can find him working on a proposal or a design from home, at a therapy appointment, running errands via bicycle, watering fruits and veggies, making healthy and delicious meals, taking a psychology class, or hanging with friends and family.  Nate likes to read, nap, watch TV/movies/warriors games, get massages, spend time with friends and family, eat (in or out), listen to music, play soccer, meditate, journal, camp, backpack, and bird/bug/animal/plant/tree/nature watch/listen/smell/feel(/taste?!).

Nate is the meal czar at Kingfisher Cohousing… meaning he makes sure people know it’s their turn to cook and keeps the community somewhat organized around their communal meals. He’s been widening a brick path in the front yard and pulling weeds/tidying up the garden during workdays.  Nate is very happy with his unit here at Kingfisher, the compound is quiet and feels safe and peaceful and friendly. He loves the way the surrounding trees catch the light at dusk and how the mockingbirds sing while soaking up the morning sunshine. He appreciates the communal aspect of the shared courtyard and can be found eating meals out there and chatting with his neighbors/fellow cohousers.  And, he’s been enjoying all the delicious healthy meals people have made and getting to know his fellow cohousers.  

His favorite things in the neighborhood are all the fruit trees and veggie gardens, the feeling at dusk, the nice sunny weather, and the great variety and quality of restaurants and cheap eats (taco trucks, BBQ, cambodian, laotian, vietnamese, brunch, cafes, philipino, etc.)

Turning the mailboxes around.