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This is an 8-unit apartment complex near the corner of Brookdale and Coolidge Avenues in Oakland. It is 8 charming older apartments built in 1940, four 1-bedrooms and four 2-bedrooms.  The property has an inviting central courtyard, and there is potential for the community to create a sizeable common house in the future, complete with a kitchen, great room, workshop and guest room.

About our community: We are thriving in the time of Covid because we still have our common meals, with some modifications: we sit 6 feet apart in our beautiful courtyard, and bring our own food. This has been wonderful in this challenging time, keeping us from being isolated. As of December 2020 we are a group of 5 adults.

Even in this urban space there are lots of places to grow flowers and food. The bees and hummingbirds love our garden, and we’re growing tomatoes, figs, cucumbers, squash, string beans and basil.

We are .7 miles from the larger Farmer Joe’s market, and 1.5 miles from Fruitvale BART. The 14, 20, 21 and 54 buses go nearby, the 14 just steps from our doors, and the others a couple of blocks.
7 Brookdale5 Brookdale
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Squash, basil, tomatoes and tangerines.
Picnic table, BBQ, lemon tree.