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Brookdale sketch for web

The Property

This is a charming eight unit complex with a layout that facilitates interaction, and room for a good-sized common house.

The Concept

I plan to gradually convert it to cohousing as units turn over. I live in one unit, two of the long-term residents are interested in participating in cohousing, and three units will be available for new community members soon. The remaining two households are living their lives, and are welcome stay here for as long as they like.  That will initially make us a community of six households. The community will grow in the future, either when there is more turnover in the complex, or when cohousers move into adjoining properties.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a great way to build community and neighborhood, while maintaining independence. Every household has a complete apartment, and there are also shared spaces, including a common house with areas for common meals, workshop and guest room. You can be as private or as sociable as you wish. For more about cohousing, see